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The growing demand for esthetics is understandable; we all want to look at younger as possible. This demand represents a shift in the practice of medicine and the global market in the 21st century. The industry is booming with the presence of an evidence-based approach that has continued to treat patients and help them reduce signs of aging along with age-related diseases.

Our Esthetics Services

The world of Botox commenced in 2002 when FDA finally approved it for cosmetic usage. Following its approval, millions of people globally have used Botox injections to cure signs of aging like wrinkles. Unsurprisingly, in 2012 Botox was said to be a non-surgical cosmetic procedure commonly opted for by American men and women.

Botox has been used repeatedly for cosmetics purposes and one of the most trusted ways of effectively treating aging by controlling involuntary muscle spasms.

How do Botox works?

Wrinkles are formed by the contraction of the vertical muscle above your eyebrows. Therefore, though it is impossible, wrinkles can be naturally prevented by not contracting those muscles that not using those muscles. Botox targets those lines and wrinkles that make people look older and stressed. It temporarily smooth out the lines and wrinkles. Once injected into these muscles, the injection effectively blocks the nerve impulses and limits activity around that area.

LEO Medical Care offers a simple and easy 15-mіnutе Botox procedure to effectively diminish those frown lines above your eyebrows and give you a more youthful appearance. Therefore, if you find those crow’s feet and fine lines annoying, visit us at LEO Medical Care to effectively clear them out. We boast of reliable anti-aging treatment through injections that are painless, affordable, and effective.

Dermal filler is an effective treatment for anti-aging that has been adopted by many younger look lovers worldwide. At LEO Medical Care, we offer reliable therapies, which include:

Rеѕtуlаnе® &Juvеdеrm®

These two hyaluronic acid filler will effectively pump wrinkles throughout the face. These include the nasolabial folds, marionette lines and the wrinkles found around the lips and eyes. They contain the ultimate protein frequently referredto as hyaluronic acid, which has contributed immensely to the restoration of skin youthfulness through tightening and fullness.

Revanesse® VersaTM

If you are interested in effectively controlling signs of aging, then this derma filler is for you. It is a multi-purpose treatment that is carefully made to achieve remarkable results. It contains required and adequate ingredients which have been rigorously tested to prove effectiveness. The efficacy of this injection is demonstrated by high adoption. As of 2002, above 1 million syringes were used globally.

Radiesse® (саlсіumhуdrоxуlараtіtе)

Are those lines and wrinkles deeper and more irritating? Well, you can get them all filled out with Radiesse®, given its skin volume-increasing effect. This filler-like substance is injected deeply into the skin to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It works effectively on the nose and mouth. And by adding contours to the areas of the face that has lost their natural shapes like jawline and cheeks.


It is a collagen gel that is injected into the skin to improve the appearance of smile lines. It uses tiny, роlуmеthуlmеthасrуlаtе (PMMA) microspheres are suspended within a base of smooth collagen gel.

Consistent usage of this filler develops a scaffold in the body. Upon this scaffold, your body can establish natural collagen. Though this treatment requires dermal testing once or twice a week before the treatment day, it is one of the approved and proven ways to improve your natural look and get faster results. The result obtained can last for up 5 years if probably maintained.

It is impossible to hold time down, by you can make the year unreflective by opting for reliable medical care. This is what we provide at LEO Medical Care. We specialized in developing a personalized treatment plan that improves your energy and vitality. Get in touch with us by calling 561-508-7318 or book a consultation online.

The presence of anti-aging medicines and the participation of thousands of physicians represent a response to the global demand. LEO Medical Care is one of the responding medical institutions to this demand. At LEO, we provide anti-aging care that has proven to be very effective. This impact degenerative diseases of aging and reduce the chances of developing age-related health problems.

Note that you can apply for these services irrespective of age

Anti-Aging Medicine for Women

Functional Medicine Practice

Our anti-aging medicine entails functional and unique medical practice in this area. We designed programs that meet, treat, and defy the aging process. These programs are further customized to suit individual needs. Our service in this area starts with an in-depth clinical evaluation considering your history and physical medical conditions. The service is carried out in two main stages.

Stage 1 – Testing Stage

Our service includes series of tests aimed at analyzing your hormonal status, metabolic status, and age-related bio-maker status. Genetic testing is carried out when necessary.

Stage 2 – Customizing Program

Here, we proceed with the formulation of a personalized program that includes required therapies. This stage ensures that every necessary factor is considered to arrive at a feasible solution. Since this is all about designing your personalized program, we ensure your optimal participation in determining the program that works for you.

We have to remain immersed in the process and aimed to achieve an unbeatable result. Our goal is to make available the latest diagnostic and therapeutic services through medicines and therapies that help restore youthfulness, maximize the quality of life, prevent diseases and infirmities of aging, and improve overall skin appearance. This service is suitable for patients between the age of 25 years to 89 years.

Personalized Anti-Aging Plans

Custom anti-aging plan and program is designed to suit your requirement after a carefully performed medical assessment. Our specialists do this to ensure that you peculiar health and body need is adequately catered for.

Protect your health and Vitality Today

Healthy long life is a dream of everyone, and it is achievable with our anti-aging programs. Get started with our clinically approved anti-aging treatments to increase longevity and prevent disease. Our team adopts a multifaceted approach to encompass everything needed to get your visible result. The treatment includes using traditional medicine, designing a healthy nutritional diet, and age-reversing exercise to enhance overall health, improve appearance, and prevent diseases.


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